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Glorious God, Glorious Gospel

A family devotional to help all ages know who God is and what He is like.

Save 25% on Glorious God, Glorious Gospel during our Christmas sale using coupon code Christmas18.

  • Glorious God, Glorious Gospel devotional — 15 lessons for family discipleship.
  • Notebook — Help students stay engaged and apply the lessons.
  • Coloring Book — Engage the littlest minds by keeping their fingers busy.

A gospel-centered book to help you teach the children in your life to respond to their fears with faith.

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Simply telling a child "don't be afraid" is most often ineffective. So how are you guiding them to handle those fears? Children need the confidence that there is someone bigger, stronger, and wiser than themselves who will protect and care for them.

Featuring contributions from John Piper, Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, and others, this book lays out a biblical vision for ministry to children.

Save 25% on Indestructible Joy for the Next Generations during our Christmas sale using coupon code Christmas18.

Children don’t need entertainment in church. They need Bible-driven, theology-anchored, gospel-centered discipleship. What will it take for the next generation to discover indestructible joy in God?

A book to help children remember the most special Christmas gift – Jesus.

Jesus is Most Special is available for only $7.99 during our Christmas sale with coupon code Christmas18.

Our children are special to us and Christmas is a special time for them, captivating them with its joy and wonder. What better time for parents to introduce their young children to the most special child ever born—the child who is also the Savior of the world and the King of all kings?

A series of books to teach children about God's work and character.

All books in the Making HIM Known series are $11 each during our Christmas sale with coupon code Christmas18.
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